A day today

Today has not been a great day . Teenager drama , work drama . Feels like an uphill battle . I woke up this morning feeling like something was wrong , like a black cloud over my head. If I break it down my life is pretty great . I am lucky enough to have the live of my life  , a wonderful family even if a little unconventional and I love my job. All this and I still feel like there is a black cloud over me. I thought I could fix it by leaving my job in finance and that went a long way to making me happier but now that the shock of that has worn off it's 10 months later and I feel the fear of failure creeping back in.
I believe that this is me not feeling I for my skin. Still over weight , always day one , always trying to be the person I see in my head. A constant game of dress up. So today I am wallowing . I have stuck to the food plan although I can hear the kitchen full of carbs calling my name today .

I am laying on the bed with the cat hoping I just fall asleep and feel better tomorrow .


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