taking steps toward a nomadic life

Dave and I spent hours this morning watching you tube videos about van life and RV life.  We got excited talking about what we would keep and what we would let go of.
Talking about the different modifications people are making and how we can best utilize the space.

 We are considering getting a camper van to start, I know it seems odd to start smaller instead of bigger, after all we are actually talking about taking the whole house and condensing it into a van size space and calling it home!

I started thinking and the biggest challenge that we are facing is getting together enough money to buy our home on wheels. I have financial obligations that I cannot let go of, I pay the mortgage on the house that my mom is living in and I do not see that changing any time soon This makes the income that I have ( and it is not substantial ) all spoken for.

We decided to do the little things, I am going to start trying to sell my knitted wares again, we are going to dedicate all the money we get back for bottles and put it in the jar . The jar by the way is a 3 foot tall blue oriental painted jar that all the change goes in. It does not come out. This is the RV jar, currently contains about  30 bucks but it is a start. We have settled on a budget that is no more than 10 grand . We really would like to buy it next year, but how?

Then tonight I had a brilliant thought. There is a new food delivery service in town that you can courier for on your own schedule. I figure I can do that in my down hours and I do not have any commitment other than when I want to, so I signed up for that tonight and have redirected any pay I get from it to the RV account. RV account balance is currently 0.06 cents.

I am not writing well tonight, tired, been in the sun all day but I needed to update on the baby steps today taken toward van life.

I have no idea if this thing will work out or even if it will pay me anything more than my gas, but hey. Worth a shot


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