The goals

Just want to put in writing what I hope to accomplish over the next year. I will only from my income pay the mortgage which is 2000 a month . In a year's time with all the various income sources I should be able to pay off my credit totalling 7300. The goal is to be debt free by next July. 50 punds less by next July and have had at least one more raise by next July . I will do this by not spending, I do not have any extra income when you look at the numbers anyway , and by sticking to a healthy food plan. I am an emotional spender and eater . Believe me right now I want to strap a bag of chips on my face so badly you would not believe it .

I am 38 and I have no savings. Not a penny. There is actually .06 cents in my savings account . I was a financial advisor for 10 years. I know how to do this it simply isn't going to be easy . My salary is low at 36000 a year but I believe I can do this . One dollar at a time.


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