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Let's start at the beginning, its a very good place to start

Well , how life does shift when I forget to write for a while.

We have been moving forward on our nomadic quest. D and I got our van, she is amazing and her name is Syrah, We are focused daily on making all the little imporvements that are needed to make her our permanent home.

We have also been hyper focused on working our heads off and getting as much money as possible. This comes with its own sets of fall out. I am grieving it seems the time that I am used to having together. We knew going in that this summer would be this way and nothing to be done for it, but it seems I am struggling. Frankly its my problem and no one else's.

In an effort to apparently be an ass I attempted to make it HIS problem last night when I couldnt sleep and he and a friend had the audacity to stay up later than I did and keep having fun. I frankly even went out when the cat yowled and basically scolded D like it was intentional to squish the cat's paw by mistake.

I had bitch mode going on and it …