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The wallet the waist and the soul

Good morning . I have been writing a blog in my mind for a long time . Every day I wake up , look in the mirror at my 38 year old self with my debt and my 50 extra pounds and the voice in my head tells me " just change it". I had the chance for years and months to make the change . Every day the same voice. A year ago I was making a salary of 50k a year  I had a pension and a career. I weighed 30 pounds less and I was miserable . I was never built for being in the world of finance. I am a gypsy by nature and the ultruistic world of finance just sucked the soul out of me . So in October I quit. I had no idea what I was going to do , gained 30 pounds . Landed myself in job working fast food which I actually love. Fast forward to now I am running my own store but still in debt . Still down on my income and still carrying around the now 50 extra pounds. In short I have decided to change the next year of my life . Adopting a keto lifestyle to lose the weight and get healthy…